My Ideal Video Game

In an ideal world, my video game would look a lot different than the game I designed. My ideal game type would be Open World, which adds more emersion and experience to the person playing the game because they have more things to interact with, such as the environment.


I also think my game would be an MMO such as Skyrim and Fallout. The setting would be in the Wild West. You would start by choosing your race, kind of like Skyrim. The races would be White, Black, Chinese and First Nation. Then the characters and plot would fit to your specific race choice. If you choose First Nation, you would be able to see the abuse that white people did to First Nation people in the Wild West. If you choose Chinese, you would be working on the Canadian Pacific Railway, then escape and become free. It would show a lot the Wild West culture.

Skyrim Picture Taken from here.

Skyrim Picture Taken from here.

The environment would be fully interactive so that you can hunt, fish and train wild horses to ride. This would allow for endless possibilities when you are in the game so you wouldn’t get bored. The map would be big and have different biomes so you can explore a lot of the land.


I would try to make the gameplay as balanced as I could. Each race would feature different types of weapons for their own race, e.g., First Nations have bows and arrows. I would also try to include a combat system like Fallout with the health bar. There also is an all-interactive crating system to design and create your own weapons. I you have any two items; you can combine them together to create a new item.

Fallout New Vegas Picture Taken from here.

Fallout New Vegas Picture Taken from here.

I believe I exceeded the expectations as laid out in the design document for my own game. I actually exceeded my own expectations by quite a bit. I was expecting the graphics to be poor and sluggish but they actually turned out crisp, much like a Mario or Super Meat Boy game. I also expected the levels to be basic but they turned out a little more advanced and realistic.


I am proud of my game. It’s simple and addictive, much like many popular games such as Flappy Bird. I think this project turned out great and the levels aren’t too hard or easy. I am looking forward to designing new games and different genres in the future!

Flappy Bird Taken from here.

Flappy Bird Taken from here.


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